comprehensive sexuality education without the shame



In Elementary school, preferably 5th and 6th graders, the focus of my curriculum is on puberty (physical, emotional, social), reproduction anatomy, how a baby is made, healthy relationships, intimacy, and social media.  It is important to me that I meet the needs of the students and teachers, so I am able to change and customize based on those needs. 

Middle School

In 7th and 8th grade the curriculum will get more involved. There is a review on our body and how it functions as well as the development of a fetus.  Depending on the guidelines of the school I also suggest introducing the topics of contraception, STIs, boundaries, consent, body image, healthy relationships, LGBTQ terms and definitions, intimacy, and social media. With some of these topics, it will be an overview while others will go more in depth. 

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High school

For 9th-12th graders the topics above will become more in-depth. We will spend time talking about our emotion and social well-being around these topics and also discuss the how to's around contraceptives.  We will practice finding language around consent and understanding our boundaries. Talking about these topics is one thing, but understanding them and putting it into practice helps us realize how important they are.  

Preschool and College

Yes, these were put together.  I have done many talks at preschools for the parents of young children.  It's important to teach parents how to teach their children about their body parts with out shame.  Starting conversations around sexuality from the beginning, normalizes it and sets you up for healthier conversations with your children. When I come to your preschool I come with lots of resources and stories.

College- When I come to your college I prepare my talk around what your demographic needs and wants. Some topics I have done are: consent, intimacy, expectations, hook-up culture, and more. 


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