comprehensive sexuality education without the shame

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Rooted in the spirit

Welcome to a place where theology and sexuality swirl together as one; a venue where comprehensive sexuality education is a ministry to wipe clean feelings of shame.  God created sexual intimacy and our bodies to be beautiful and to be celebrated.  We are to learn about our relationships with each other, ourselves, and God.  When we do, we have healthier relationships with humanity at large.  

Kara has a Masters in Theology from Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley, CA.  The way she came to sexual education was through her studies in seminary.  The two of them combine fascinate her and she believes can not be separated.  They are one in the same.  Kara has traveled to many churches opening up discussion around our bodies, sexuality, shame, and pleasure. She would be delighted to come to your church or religious organization to talk about sexuality from a theological perspective. 

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