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It is my passion to educate around sexual health. The better we know about ourselves and our upbringings, the more equipped we will be in entering into our relationships. I have taught in schools, homes, preschools, churches, seminaries, with large groups and small groups.  It is important to me that your needs, concerns, and questions are met and answered.  I like to tailor my curriculum to your particular group or demographic. Here is some of what I do:


Table Talk Teaching Sessions

The table. It’s where we go to eat, play games, talk with our closest friends, plan our lives - and it’s where I teach sexual health education.

My calling is to help make sexual health education a normal part of the conversation families are already having around the dinner table, in the car, on the couch in front of the TV, or while walking the dog.  I understand that it is difficult to talk with our children about these topics because all too often we don’t feel equipped to do so.  I hope to be the bridge for you and your family on this important topic. It’s my passion to help families have these important conversations so that, as parents, we can help our children be more successful in navigating relationships, in making healthy choices for their life, in understanding who they are, and in knowing that they should expect satisfaction in their consensual pleasure.

I offer different teaching sessions for children based on age groups. Here’s what you can expect: I provide you with examples of what I will be teaching.  You then have the freedom to okay these topics, eliminate some, or add a few more. Though you may not be the one directly teaching, you will have an understanding of what they will hear; the goal is to become a partner in the teaching process with you.  You can choose to space the sessions out over time or have one long session.  To make the experience more comfortable for your child, I often encourage having their closest friend or friends participate as well. After the end of the sessions I like to end with a meal.  The reason for the meal is that it normalizes what took place there at the table and it is also a sending off. The children understand that you as the parent/caregiver set up this experience and it is followed by the very normal and intimate activity of sharing a meal with them afterwards.  The goal is to leave you more equipped to offer loving conversation around these topics, because there is now an established baseline.  I also ask that you write a letter to your child to give to them after we have completed all the sessions and shared a meal. This letter will explain why you care about and love them and that you are committed to be there for them on this journey of change and self-discovery.

I call this Table Talk Teaching Sessions because most of them have taken place around the kitchen table.   I like this because it is intimate and it puts me at eye to eye contact level with your children.  It’s a conversation; I am there to provide accurate information, allow them to wonder and ask questions, and encourage them to look inward during the process. Sometimes there is candy or popcorn involved. Teaching sexual health is so important that it must become a part of our everyday conversations.  This is what I hope to help do for your families. Please contact me if you are interested in learning about these teaching sessions.

Mom's Night

As mother's it feels like we are taking on the world everyday and that is stressful, overwhelming, and exhausting.  I like to offer mother's support in areas of sexual education to make this part of life less stress inducing.  We can talk about your children, partners, culture, and/or self-care.  Grab your friends and have an evening with a sex educator.  Wine may help too. 

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Since sexuality is a personal topic, I understand that sometimes we need to talk about our lives privately. In one on one sessions I hope to provide you with a listening ear and resources to help you. I am not a therapist, but educator so I will provide you with accurate information about health and sexuality.  If I happen to not know the answer I have the means of finding one for you.  If I believe the topic you are coming to me for is causing you distress and goes beyond what I can do for you as a educator and counselor, then I will encourage you to seek therapy and I will provide you with names of those trained in sex therapy.  Often, we just need someone to air out our concerns with and get the education we need to feel good about who we are. 

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