comprehensive sexuality education without the shame


Grace Unbound is about teaching comprehensive sexual health without the shame or guilt.  Instead you are met with excitement, engagement, compassion, and the invitation to be vulnerable.
This site is dedicated to topics, resources, and thoughts on sexuality, some theology, and more.  It is focused on education where, in our learning and understanding, our interaction with grace is boundless.


Kara Haug is the creator of Grace Unbound. She has her BA in Psychology from Hope College in Holland, MI., a Masters in Theological Studies from Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley, CA., as well as a Post-Grad Certificate in Sexual Health Education and Counseling from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Youth ministry and foster care have been her main career focus. 
Kara has always asked the big questions; looking for connections to our world and the way people interact in this world together.  Through her experiences in human services, working with youth and the ministry, she has seen the way sexuality and our relationships with God (or lack thereof) affects us to our cores.  This began her fascination with the topics of sexuality and theology. She believes these are the two most intimate parts of a person and that they affect our daily decisions and our politics.
Kara is available as a resource for your congregation, non-profit, or school. She may be a consultant for your program, or as a speaker at an event. If interested in seeking guidance from Kara or having her speak please fill out the contact form.
Kara lives in California with her pastor husband and her two young children. 


"Kara's information is spot-on with what we, adults who work with teenagers, need to know about addressing sexuality and gender identity. Kara's perspective is fresh and creative, all while being grounded in research and study. She makes us want to learn more and more!" - Deconess Kristen Baltrum, Director of Faith Formation
"Kara facilitated a discussion at the Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary Womens' Sabbath Circle. She created a space in which we could be curious together- about our own lives and stories, about the future of the church and the world, and about the ways that God is calling us to bring our whole selves into work as pastors. Kara listened in a way that left lots of space for us to be open, but was not shy about bringing her own training and know-how into our discussions. I am so grateful to have met Kara and will definitely be looking to her in the future as a resource for my ministry"- Erika Spaet, Seminarian
"Kara is energetic, engaging and incredibly informative. She allowed our parent group to feel comfortable asking questions about sexuality with ease and aided the group with helpful tips about raising children to be strong, safe and self-aware. She brought humor and life into a sometimes difficult and uncomfortable topic. We appreciated her perspective and learned so much from her advice, stories and antidotes. She is a truly wonderful speaker!" - Kate David, Preschool Board President & Author

"Listening to a presentation about “How to talk to you kids about sex” can be quite daunting, but when Kara introduced herself, it was like a wave of peace and calm entered the room. Kara educated us about a sensitive subject in a such a natural, unassuming way. I left feeling confident; with a fresh perspective and tools to speak to my child about sexuality in a healthy respectful manner. Her group exercises really opened my eyes to the reality of today’s environment. I now feel like I am prepared for situations and questions from my child that I was not even aware of. I especially liked that although this was a faith based presentation, she spoke in a non-judgmental way. Her topic/presentation would translate easily to many different kind of audiences.  She is young, highly educated and provides a healthy perspective for you about your relationship with sexuality and spirituality.I highly recommend Kara Haug as a speaker/presenter to educate parents and kids about sexuality." - Heather Tanfani, Mother, Business Owner

"Kara Haug is an exceptional and inspiring speaker. I had the opportunity to be in the audience during one of her presentations about sexuality and spirituality and I must say that the way she connects with her audience is incredible. In the way that she speaks, it feels like a conversation just between you and her, regardless of the several other people who may be in the audience listening to her. She is honest, direct, and highly devoted when delivering her message. She continuously captivates her audience by implementing a multitude of different types of visual and auditory learning styles - such as videos and comic strips. Mrs. Haug not only educated her audience on a sensitive and often uncomfortable subject, which she did with ease and confidence, but she also gave us ways to apply this knowledge to our own lives. The way she added group activities to her presentation not only helped us connect to her as a speaker but also helped us to connect with each other in a deeper and more meaningful way. There is something about they way Mrs. Haug teaches and speaks that allows you to feel safe and open enough to where no subject is off the table of discussion, even the most sensitive of subjects. Everyone I spoke to after her presentation agreed that they wished she could have spoken to us longer because her teaching style was so enthralling and thought-provoking. Mrs. Haug's friendliness and passion for what she teaches, her compassion for her audience, and the message that she conveyed makes her an incredible public speaker and teacher. I thankfully had the honor to sit down and be a part of her audience and would do so again in a heartbeat. " - Kalan Barnes, Texas A&M College Student

"The session Kara taught at the Extravaganza was awesome. It was so thoughtful, something I wish everyone in my church and world could hear. Walking out of the door, several of us from Kara's session continued the conversation, we didn’t want it to end. Thank you for bringing such authenticity and awareness to these issues about sexual health!"- Andy Langdon, Youth Director

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